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Welcome! Spin Master is very proud of our partnerships and associations with inventors around the world. We work regularly with top inventors, and some of the toys that have come from inventors are: AIR HOGS, BAKUGAN, MOON SAND, GLO DOODLE

We are also very open to new inventors who would like to submit ideas they feel are a good fit for Spin Master. If you are new to the world of inventing and would like to submit a concept, fill in the form below.

Inventor Submission Form
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Note: This form does not constitute a formal submission to Spin Master. It is simply a way for us to determine whether your concept is in a category we're pursuing. Please provide a Name and a Non-Confidential GENERAL Description of the type of toy/category you would like to submit (for example: "preschool board game" or "Water vehicle with hose hook-up"). If you wish to submit multiple items, write one per line, up to five items.
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No offense with all of these disclaimers, but we really do receive a lot of material, so we have to say this: DO NOT disclose your entire invention at this point, as all correspondence from this website becomes the property of Spin Master Ltd. You will receive an auto-response to verify your email address. If your general description falls into a category we're actively seeking, we will contact you and send you our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to enable you to send in your concept. DO NOT send in your concept without receiving an NDA, or your concept will be returned.   :

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